The Shorter the Skirt, the Higher the Kick

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Announcement: Take the Shirt off My Back

Again: Thank you so much for all your comments and e-mails, both the traditional ones and the less traditional ones. (The other week, I got a mail containing three pictures of different kinds of fairly plastic shoes with very high heels, presumably copied from some fashion websites, together with my own drawing of myself naked, duplicated twice, with my whole body smeared black - probably the remnants of a botched attempt to expand my Dress Me Up game, but somehow I have received many compliments and questions about the illustrations to some of my blog posts. To answer the two most common questions:

  1. Yes, I do the pictures myself.

  2. No, so far there has been no way to buy the original drawings or reproductions of them.

Now I have decided to change number 2 above; I'm opening a shop for clothes and items decorated with artwork and quotes from my blog, and I'll (try to) update it continuously with any noteworthy new stuff from me. I don't expect to make a lot of money from it, but I still do it in the hope of some day seeing a bearded macho man with a 'Dress Me Up' trucker hat, or meeting an office woman with a 'Does God Watch When I Masturbate?' coffee mug on her desk. Then my work would be done...

So come on; go there, get my clothes and get inside me in public! I dare you... ;-)