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Diary: This Day

Sweden has been hot the last week, far too hot for a country with floor heating and hot water-warmed towel hangers but no AC. All I want to do right now is to sit and lubricate my inside and outside while I hum Juifs errants de Norwège, dites-moi la neige, anciens exilés chers, dites-moi la mer to a catchy little tune until we take the boat out to the Stockholm archipelago, but since I didn't write the words (Arthur did, who stopped writing at my age when I am just about starting) and you can't hear the melody it probably doesn't count as a post, so I'll just hammer down some little ditty of my own, short enough for a scorching day and maybe suitable for beach contemplation, until it's time to go:

This day we share today is of a most peculiar kind:

Eternity in front of it, eternity behind.

Peace out!

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Blogger Taken says...,

I have a poem too:

This day we share today is going to kick butt.

One hunk in front of you and me behind.


Blogger Fej says...,

You know, while I'm old and all, well nevermind, we've established your age already.

AC is a rare thing in Northern Europe.

Anonymous Anonymous says...,

I wanna be your hunk for a day... lol

Blogger xoxKatexox says...,

Since you were sweet enough to leave a comment on my site, I thought that I would leave you one too.

Blogger SeizeTheNite says...,

I feel you on the hot part.

I've spent today either in the pool, naked, or complaining...
I long for snow...Huge piles of snow.

Who knew you and Le Sepent were such poets?

Blogger Larry Jones says...,

I like your couplet. It deserves to be set to music, don't you think?

Blogger Patrick O'Neil says...,

It is hot all over: the ozone, the greenhouse effect, the political climate, my lack of inhibitions and let us not forget that, at least here in America, that we like it hot, pay good money for it to be hot. But not too hot! As then we’re too close to the abyss of overindulgence and then we got to start again or turn on the air conditioner and take a break before we indulge again!

Blogger W. S. Cross says...,

Reviewed your very witty site. Hope you like it!

Blogger Unknown says...,

Nothing terribly intriuging to say, except that I cant spell terribly or intriuning. Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by and enjoyed your blog.

Blogger Cooper says...,

"This day we share today is of a most peculiar kind:

Eternity in front of it, eternity behind."

I love that.

Blogger Jason says..., the poem, but whatever you do, do NOT flash your tits. In the name of everything which is eternal. Which is everything.

P.S. Hot here too.

Blogger GPV says...,

jason please mind your own business
trixie's free to flash anything she wants.

Blogger dimlightslittlecity says...,

As my dad would say, it's hotter than a three-peckered goat in mating season.

Blogger Indeterminacy says...,

I can visualize the horizon spanning all around you. I read it again, and visualize more.

Anonymous Anonymous says...,

cool bloggage thanks for sharing cum say hello sometime..shorter the skirt the higher the kick and the bigger the hoops the bigger the ho..LOL

Blogger Acidinmyfridge says...,

Hey Trixie ! Is there a human being there ? Miss you on the blog. Acid.

Blogger Indeterminacy says...,

Is there to be no more Patricia to cheer our days and steam our nights? I hope you come back to us!

Blogger Enemy of the Republic says...,

Hey, your site is awesome. I love it. Don't forget: the shorter the skirt, the higher the boot!

My girl!

Blogger Ariel the Thief says...,

"This day we share today is of a most peculiar kind:
Eternity in front of it, eternity behind."

simply beautiful.

Blogger Tara Tainton says...,

Trixie! I've missed you. :) Hope you're doing well, having the usual fun, and have more to tell us very, very soon!



Anonymous Anonymous says...,

The archipelgo is amazing in summer. 3am twilight and a sun that never sets. Why wouldn't you get down in front of that, not matter how hot it is?

Anonymous Anonymous says...,

None of your blog is in Swedish?


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