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Game: Dress Me Up

I haven’t updated this blog lately – sorry about that, but I have received so much personal mail about my previous entries that I just haven’t had the time. Everyone I haven’t answered yet: Please forgive me, I have saved your mail and hope to find the time to reply later.

Some of the messages have been friendly, some less friendly. I will tell you about the less friendly another time, and concentrate on the friendly ones for now. A lot of them contain similar questions, about what I like to do and what I like to wear, and sometimes about what the senders would like to do with me. Since I can’t reply to each nice question and meet each nice sender individually, I am pleased to invite you all to a virtual version of my wardrobe, where I can show you some of my clothes and tell you what I do in them. Would you like to see me in my business suit, my summer shorts, or maybe my old girl scout uniform? Or would you like to combine outfits for me yourselves, by clicking and dragging items from my wardrobe onto me or off me? Be my guests, have fun, and let me know if you discover a really spectacular combination of some of my old rags! (Requires iframe support.)

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Anonymous leatherface says...,

I trust you provide a home version of the game?

Blogger says...,

This is so great. Definetely stay with the black skirt, You look great in that :)___

Blogger Veracity says...,

How cool is this!


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