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Topic: Support XMLive!

XMLive is a new open-algorithm initiative to break the stranglehold by Micro$oft and a few others on free communication and resource-sharing over the Internet. It is an XML-based 'middle layer' for Internet-based applications and services, which, unlike existing programming, content, and discovery services, is based on transparent, reusable 'building blocks', modifiable by anyone without needing programming skills and specific operating systems.

Open-source initiatives like Linux are fine, but if an open-source program is like a dish you order in a restaurant, where it is possible to identify the ingredients, add seasoning to your liking, and decide on an appetizer and a dessert to accompany it, an open-algorithm combination is like a smorgasbord, where you can load anything you like on your plate, and come back for seconds as much as you want.

This might be the most important initiative in years, but it still lacks funding so help supporting it by clicking on the heart below the ‘View my complete profile’ link to the right in order to make a donation.

The donation is securely handled by PayPal, but you don’t need to be a PayPal member to use it (although it takes about two minutes to become one.) – direct credit card payments are fine too, and although the donation is in US dollars, you can use any currency. Your money will be routed to XMLive via Actif.TV, one of the main XMLive sponsors, but if you want to send a message just to me, enter it under ‘Donor Information:’; I will receive your message by direct e-mail.

Every dollar counts!

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Anonymous Anonymous says...,

Frustrating lack of public XMLive docs. Any pointers? How do you become a member?

Blogger Trixie says...,

The best way to direct questions like that is probably to e-mail


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