The Shorter the Skirt, the Higher the Kick

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Presentation: My Sister

Here's my revenge photo of Becky for making my new Internet friends think I was naked. Like her, I barged into the room and caught her (almost) unaware. I won't show you the whole picture, but this photo should give me enough firepower to make her think twice before fooling me again into publishing embarrassing pictures. Ma-ha-ha-hah...

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Anonymous leatherface says...,

You and your sister both look cute. Do you do double acts?

Blogger Trixie says...,

Thank you! I am not sure what you mean by 'double acts', but we both play instruments (violin and piano), and since Dad has been alone with the two of us for most of the last eight years, we usually provide musical entertainment (as well as cooking and company) together at his dinner parties.

Anonymous HWJ says...,

Ayea, the wellbehaved Short Skirt Sisters, as we like to call you :-). I thought it might be you, tho you both grown a little. Remember me? Last time we met I helped you with the dishes, and you each got a little something in the kitchen for all your dandy waitress work. Give my regards to your father. I know him very well.

Blogger Trixie says...,

If you are the person I think, (and please excuse me if I am mistaken) the only little something I remember getting from you left a black and blue mark for about a week. Anyway, what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen, and the same applies to the Internet, don't you think? There really is no reason to bother Dad with anything you or I might have seen while surfing the Web, is there Sir?


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