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Guest Blogger: Danielle

Meet Danielle. She is exactly like me. Except totally opposite. And a better dancer.

I was introduced to her by a male friend of mine, who had started talking to her, and suggested that she and her equally pretty cousin should stage a 'catfight and bare-ass spanking' photo session. She rightly thought the idea was ridiculous, but comical, and they got acquainted.

I'm a tough chick that don't catfight, I fight boyz too. I don't scratch, I pull hair though. I have a lot of hair and it's long. It don't get pulled a lot. So I fought this girl, she was blonde I think. Ppl was sayin don't fight her U gonna kill her. This bitch bumped into me and called me a hoe and not say sorry, I grabbed her by the hair and f**ked her up. I killed that bitch.

The BET Awards is Black Entertainment Television that's what it stands for and the BET Awards R ppl who is nominated for who is the best female artist, best male artist, best actress, and performances. I was happy to be involved with something like that, I had a lot of fun.

That sounded funny. My mother is gonna kill me if she see BET Awards cuz what I was wearing.

Alright, I'm a choreographer. We had to be in an Army outfit, I was the only gurl on stage and a lot of boyz. I had to tease em a little, dats why we were dancin like that, and it felt good to dance wit somebody that is kool and I wasn't nervous at all. All the boyz jaws dropped when they saw me. They said I had a nice body.

The funny part about the performance is that when I came out, ppl were starin at me like wwwwooooooowwwwww!!!! Then they never stopped starin at me dancin, especially when I was poplockin, everybody liked that. Ppl say that I'm the best dancer they ever saw and I can't believe that.

When I left I had to go change and I was nervous to walk out cuz boyz were already starin at me sayin I have a nice ass when I was dancin. I was ignoring them so I had to run.

I had a lot of fun that day. I got more performances too, all over the world. I go on tour to Trenton NJ on the 20th so I'm good, but I still practice a lot.

Read on:

Danielle is 16 years old, and this is her first blog post. Every girl enjoys admiration, so don't hold back, but if I see any kind of untoward comment about any aspect of her (you all know the difference), I will naturally seek out the commenter and ram the comment back down the throat. Except for the commenters who actually would enjoy me doing that; I will send the Swedish Gimp, who I met last night, on them. But none of you would give me cause for that, now would you?

7 bounce-backs:

Anonymous Benton says...,

That's so cool! But stay in school! Or at least go back when you're 21, if you're not rich by then. And very few dancers are...

Anonymous Christopher says...,

If U and Ur cuzin won't catfight together, maybe you can blog together? Pictures, please!

Anonymous Boz says...,

hey Danielle,
you're a great writer in your own way.
the spelling helps, but you should get better smileys.
nice to meet you.

Blogger Canowine says...,

Where's the vid? It's great to read about, but I wish I could see the pop-lockin'.

Blogger gregoire says...,

yeah, that was good writing.

and you're so hot and I was about to add a few things to have stuff shoved down my throat by Trixie but then she'd send the Swedish Gimp and that sounds ever hotter...

Unfortunately I'm just too gay to think of anything dirty I'd like to do to you. Now you're co-dancers, that's a different story.

Screw school. Keep dancing. Oh and did I mention you're hot?

Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not says...,


Blogger Tara Tainton says...,

Nice to meet you, Danielle! Every gal oughta have a way of speaking her mind to the general public. Congrats on breaking your blogging virginity. ;)


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