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Presentation: Suse

The job interview is tomorrow, and I'm a bit nervous. I just wanted to thank you all again for your donations and votes so far, and thank my best friend Suse (yes, nicknamed after the Linux brand) for calming me down and (almost) convincing me that I still will have time for Chores, Charities and Cha-Cha even if I get a job.


Suse and I have been friends for many years in several countries, and have spent so much time together that we feel like sisters. We're also both very 'girlish' I guess, and share many experiences from having moved across the world with our families. Although there have been a few tearful farewells, we have somehow always managed to connect again, sometimes across the globe, but now we're in the same foreign city! Suse has been here a bit longer than me, and she promised to teach me some more Swedish, to get around at work. Well, time to pick a good business dress and get ready for tomorrow… Keep voting for my charity!

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Anonymous Ibn says...,

Suse looks familiar. Did she ever live in Marocco?


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