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Diary: Trixie the Movie Star?

Trusted friends and patient listeners, as I mentioned before a Swedish film producer saw a video of me and expressed an interest to include me in the making of a pilot film to raise financing for his new action comedy. Now I have met him, and I still feel a bit stunned.

At his office, we made some test shoots with me standing, walking, running, crawling, and jumping while saying different lines, first in my own clothes, and then wearing a kind of mock military uniform with a pleated skirt. (Luckily, they thought the costume fitted fine when I finally had managed to put it on in the very cramped dressing booth, although I thought it must have been made for a much shorter and smaller girl.) Naturally I assumed that my role in this production would be very minor, so I was surprised (but also a bit impressed and flattered) by their level of ambition in testing me for it.

From the screen tests I had gathered that they considered me for an acting job (smart girl, huh - but I thought I would be making coffee or move lights), but imagine my shock when we sat down to talk and they said they would consider me for the starring role, at least for the pilot. This was too much like something out of a trashy novel; I couldn't believe it, and had them reiterating the possibility of an offer (although they kept explaining they had no funding, could make no promises, and so on) three times before I was sure I hadn't misunderstood. I tried to explain that there must have been some kind of mistake, and although I have a great movie interest, I have absolutely no acting training or experience. They just replied that I was a natural talent, and perfect for the role. (One of them called me 'a real-life Candyfloss', but the only reference I found for the term on IMDB was this, which didn't help me, and Google gave far too many hits.) All the time I waited for Peter Funt to come in and ask me to look over there and smile, you're on Candid Camera, but it didn't happen.

They made me sign for the script to bring it home and read it, and we agreed to get in touch again to schedule further testing within next week. I'll confess that I carried the script under my arm the whole way home, although there was plenty of room in my bag and tonight I am going to read it.

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Anonymous RiotAct says...,

U g grrrl! I would pay good money to see Trixie in a film!

Anonymous Zielfeldt says...,

i would pay good money to see trixie anywhere anyhow

Anonymous RiotAct says...,

So donate to XMLive Zielfeldt! Youll at least get an email from her!

Blogger Trixie says...,

Now now boys, I send mail to non-donors too...


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